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Reinder Schmidt (1993) is a Dutch fashion designer born in Arnhem, the Netherlands. He graduated in 2015 from the fashion department at MAFAD, Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design with a menswear collection based on traditional tailoring, sportswear and futuristic ideas. During his study he researched new approuch on how to make clothes and patterns. At his internship at Pauline van Dongen he worked on her futuristic collection and wearable solar projects, where this research on a new approach on clothing continued.

After he graduated he found a job at Arnheim Fashion Group from designers Sebastiaan Kramer en Sjaak Hullekes, where he works as a production manager and product developer. Here he fell in love with the making process of clothing and the craftmanship that comes with it. Also he works for the new label of Sjaak Hullekes called Hul lè Kes. He is part of the designteam and specialized in hand dyeing with natural materials and chemical dye. Although his own work and esthetic has been way cleaner and minimal, he can really relate to the brand because of the new approach on how to work in the fashion industry and how to threat clothing. For more information about Hul le Kes go to His view on the future of fashion changed during this period and moved from an interest in technological movement to an interest in a future of craftmanship, sustability and a revaluation of handmade clothing, art and design.

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During his study the interest in abstract painting started but he decided to put all his attention to fashion, since a few years he started painting again. He got inspired by all the leftover fabrics in the production company and asked the brands if he could do something with it. The different materials and structures of the fabrics give the work definition and depth. By painting it, it becomes not just a piece of fabric anymore, but changes it into an absract piece of art. The use of only one color in an artwork helps you to focus on the structure and patterns that the different materials create.



Reinder focuses on clean designs with a modern and minimalistic feel. Inspired by the artworks all items are made from leftovers from other clothing productions.

All products are handmade in Arnhem and packet with love. Because of this, every item is unique and all items can be slightly different. He does't bring a total new collection every season but the collection is always in development. All the fabrics are leftovers or stockfabrics bought in low quantities using all the leftovers in other pieces and artworks. Because of this all items are limited produced.

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